“Doors” is the first song to receive a visual treatment from the Coolots’ long awaited album, Rebirth. Set upon the backdrop of a gritty and dilapidated landscape, five friends converge upon an abandoned house to face their demons. We get a sense that there is an existential squaring-up against an inner self that has long been ignored. This melodically emotional song has haunting undertones that cause us to reminisce on the personal demons we may be harboring within ourselves. The highlight of this video is watching all of the band members encircled around a singular entity, when we come to the realization that they are all dealing with the same issue in their own way. This entity is symbolic of the isolated feelings we each encounter with self-doubt and shows that this feeling has the same face for us all, even though the message may manifest uniquely for each person.

The Coolots make a calculated decision to film in an abandoned neighborhood, symbolic of the sense dystopia we may feel when approaching matters of our mental health. Watching “Doors” reminds us to check in with ourselves, check in with our deep seated fears and look amongst our friends for the faces that will walk us into better light. This is a video about confronting our deepest insecurities and doing so with the help of those people who care for us most. More importantly, this is a song about letting in the light of those people who care for us.